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25 Writing Prompts for Elementary, Tweens, and Teens

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

If you're like most people who've been thrown into the role of unexpected educator while your children are home due to the Covid-19 social distancing regulations, you may be struggling with how to keep your kids occupied for an entire school day. Heck, if we're honest it's a challenge keeping kids occupied with educational pursuits for even an hour!

My eldest daughter, a freshman at her high school here in San Diego, asked me this morning what she could do since nothing had been officially assigned yet. Since we've established a solid structure for these few weeks when the kids are home, she knew she'd be expected to work on some kind of learning—whether reading, writing, YouTube science or math videos, or assignments from school. She didn't yet have any official direction from her classes, so I told her I could give her a few writing prompts to choose from.

Maybe they will be helpful for your home classroom too!

See below for writing prompts by age/school group. Have your student choose a couple prompts, fill in the blank, then explain why they answered with that response.

Elementary Students (ages 6 - 10)

  1. Something that makes me laugh out loud is ________________.

  2. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is ___________________.

  3. If I could be any superhero for one day, I would be __________________.

  4. My favorite food in the world is __________________.

  5. If I were the king or queen of the world, I would do this: ____________________.

Tweens (ages 11 - 13)

  1. My favorite book or story is _________________.

  2. If I could go back in time, the one thing I would change is ______________.

  3. I can't stop laughing when someone ________________.

  4. If I could fly anywhere in the world in 5 minutes, I would go to _____________.

  5. If I could communicate with one animal, I would choose _____________.

  6. The thing I think people like most about me is _____________________.

  7. One thing I wish my friends knew about me is ______________________.

  8. If I had the power to remove one bad thing in the world, I would take this away: ____________.

  9. If I could have one superpower, I would choose the ability to ___________.

  10. If I could choose any theme park to visit for a day, I would go to __________.

Teens (ages 14 - 18)

  1. One book that changed my life forever is _____________________.

  2. If I could be fluent in any language, I would choose the _____________ language and live in _____________ for one year.

  3. If I could travel to any time in history, I would go to ________ and do this: _________.

  4. My favorite day, with no limits on finances, would include: ________________________.

  5. If I was given 1 million dollars to spend however I like, I would ___________________.

  6. One thing I wish my parents knew about me is _________________.

  7. With the ability to teleport anywhere in 5 minutes, I would go to ________________.

  8. If I could meet anyone (now or in history) for a cup of coffee to talk, I would choose ________________.

  9. The celebrity or public figure who inspires me the most is ___________________.

  10. The award (Grammy, Oscar, Nobel Peace Prize, etc.) I would be most excited to receive would be _____________________.

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