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Hi, I'm Beth! I'm the founder of Inspire Books, and I've been coaching writers through the editing and publishing process for over 15 years. As an editor, I care deeply about great content, and as a publishing coach, I care deeply about how YOU as the author share that content. It's not enough to have a message. You need to bring it to the world with a killer presentation and a solid publishing and marketing strategy.


My team cares just as much as I do about bringing books to life with a clear voice and compelling message, and absolutely NOTHING brings us more joy than supporting writers as they bring their book to the world. 

​We specialize in preparing manuscripts for publishing through the right level of writing and editing support and coaching authors through publishing their books. 

We know you have questions about how to get your book published the right way and how to reach your audience so you can make a difference. We're here to help.

Are you ready to share your message?

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