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For release 8/27/19 - Inspire Books Announces Tribute Edition of Harvey Bear Gets Rescued

2 Years after The Texas Gulf Coast and Houston weathered the Hurricane Harvey Floods, Harvey Bear is still spreading his message of  Hope and Healing. Harvey is the creation of Educator/Author Aurora M. González de Freire, and his story was brought to life in the middle of that storm-ravaged week in 2017 as she prayed for a way to help her students heal in the storm's aftermath. Many of them were suddenly homeless on the first week of school. Harvey Bear's story of resilience reminded them that there is always hope at the end of a storm. It was her simple, hand sketched storyboard that inspired her students to push past the storm they were living through. They, in turn, pushed her to have "THEIR" beloved story published into a "REAL BOOK"!


As the two year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey fast approaches, We at Inspire Books Publishing are pleased to welcome Harvey Bear & Author into our family. To celebrate the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity, we are releasing a tribute hardcover edition of Harvey Bear Gets Rescued. The story you have grown to love now has the endorsement of Meteorologist/Weather Educator Beth Mills. She and Harvey's author collaborated on a Hurricane Storm Prep guide to include in this tribute copy.


Aurora's mission is to make sure that relief agencies, shelters, schools, counselors, and affected families have access to Harvey Bear's message of hope and healing in the face of future storms and floods.


Always a teacher at heart, Aurora has set up Harvey Bear with his own email and social media outlets so students, teachers, and families can interact with this "chubby crayon" loving teddy bear. Fans have used it to share their own storm stories, drawings, and testimonies of how Harvey helped them heal.


(FaceBook: @HarveyBearHug, Email: Twitter: @harveybearhugs )


To support the mission of Aurora Gonzalez and Harvey Bear, Inspire Books will donate $1 from every sale during the months of August and September 2019 to the American Red Cross. Be sure to order YOUR tribute copy of Harvey Bear Gets Rescued today! (Order on Amazon).

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